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The following is just a small sample from cards and letters that we have received from Lu-Lu Belle visitors. If you have taken a cruise on the Lu-Lu Belle and would like to leave your comments, please email them to us.


To the Captain or his wife or the crew,
I just wanted someone to know what a wonderful trip that I had while visiting Alaska.  The most enjoyable part was in Valdez and on your boat looking at the wildlife.
We had spent 2 days taking the train from Anchorage to Denali and then staying in the resort, The Grand Denali, and then back to Anchorage.  During the 2 day trip, we saw 1 Eagle and of course the "there went a moose" story.  The scenery was very beautiful but we had better in Valdez.  The most enjoyable other than Gussie's B&B (who recommended the trip with you) was the trip itself on your boat.
We hadn't got out of the Harbor when we were looking at Sea Otters floating the harbor waters and letting us take pictures of them.  We had just exited the harbor when we saw our first Orca Whale and then 2 more. Over all we got to see 8 Orca. 3 Humpback, thousands of Sea Lions on the little island, plenty of the Puffins and several more Eagles on the rocks. 
It was a very rewarding trip.  I am almost sure that I saw a Bear or a Moose in a clearing on one of the hill sides with my binoculars but not for sure.  I don't want to say this was a moose sighting but something brown and large was moving out of the clearing toward the trees.
The trip took from 2 till almost 10 pm  but it was well worth it, to see all the wonderful wildlife that we got to see.  Much better than the Denali trip and the train.  The crew members down stairs gave us and everyone their undivided attention to make our trip even more spectacular than it already was.
A very enjoyable trip and I wished now that I had come to Valdez earlier and maybe taken the trip a second day to possibly have seen more but I will keep those memories of what I saw for ever.  It was fantastic and even though I am in Ohio, I have already recommended your trip and the trip to Valdez,  Alaska to everyone I talk to.  Being an Insurance Agent, I talk to a lot of people.
Again, I thank you as well as my sister and her husband and their 2 daughters who were along on the trip.  It was wonderful and the memories will never be forgotten. My sister's one daughter lives in Valdez and goes to Prince William Community College. I am hoping that we get a chance to come back again not only to visit her her but to take another trip on the Lu-Lu Belle.
Thank you again,
Micheal, Evelyn, Glenn and the Girls, Angela and Jennifer
Middletown, Ohio

Dear Captain Fred,
Our party of three took your cruise on May 30th.  We toured all of Alaska and this was the highlight of our trip.  Being in the middle of floating ice was breathtaking!  The blue color of the ice was indescribable.  It was so nice to watch the wildlife and not be rushed. 
My husband will never forget the experience of piloting the Lu-Lu Belle, if only for a few minutes.  The commentary was so informative and entertaining, we could have listen for hours more.  The history of Valdez was very interesting and humorous.  We wish we could have taken a longer tour, but since the season had just started, it wasn't available. 
Even the liquid sunshine couldn't put a damper on the trip.  We loved the boat and the crew. Everybody was so friendly and helpful.  If we ever return to Alaska we'll definitely take another trip on the Lu-Lu Belle. We would recommend it to anybody and have told all our friends to take the tour if they visit.
Thanks for a once in a lifetime experience.
Jane Tucker
Taccoa, Georgia
Lemar & Jackie Lynn
Braselton, Georgia

Hello Valdez,
We would like to take this opportunity to express a big thank you to the " Lu-Lu Belle" owner and his staff for the wonderful Prince William Sound tour.
June 7 -- June 25 we drove 3400 miles throughout the great state of Alaska. one of our favorite and most memorable was the " Lu-Lu Belle".  The Hospitality shown, the time spent to find whales, the stories and history told, the facts about glaciers, and more were well worth the trip.  Not to mention, the extra time they eagerly gave to make the tour very special.
We would highly recommend the " Lu-Lu Belle" ---a very special limo.
We will think of you often.  Thank you.
Jane & Mel
La Cross, WI

Ahhh, the wind.
Its good a blowin’ in my face,
As I balance, layered with wool, in the pulpit of the Lulu Bell.

She’s a fine craft proved sturdy o’er her years,
The same her Captain; a bit older than she.

We’re crossin’ Prince William Sound and I,
Alone on deck with the rain, spray, and gulls,
Talk to the ice calves as they die a slow and chilly death.

The sea otters backstroke and laugh at the whales who,
Can’t seem to keep upright. And so,
Show their tails awash and glistening in the meager sun.

Frigid?  Aye.
Frigid? I.
Gloriously at home again,
Many long years off the sea.
© Frank de Wees

A Day on the Lu-Lu Belle
We pick and choose where we spend our money while in Alaska and we really picked right when we chose to spend 6 hours and what ended up being an 8 hour trip aboard the beautiful boat called "Lu-Lu Belle".
The boat had all the comforts and beyond the esthetic beauty that included oriental rugs. It also had the cleanest restrooms (heads) I've ever seen along with food service that was well done.
Our captain talks nonstop giving history, wild life talks, his view on everything from the federal government's ineptness (I agree) on global warming and everything inbetween.
Before entering the ice field we saw wildlife in abundance including his following a humpback whale until we got many great pictures of this magnificent creation of God.
A day on the Lu-Lu Belle is a day well spent. It is the best dollar value thus far on our trip through the awesomely beautiful state of Alaska and its surrounding provinces of British Columbia and the Yukon.
When you visit the beathtakingly beautiful city of Valdez (don't miss it) a day on the Lu-Lu Belle is an absolute must and if you are here on Sunday board the Lu-Lu Belle for a free 8:00am ride for a 1 hour church service.
As a photographer and writer I appreciate the opportunity my time aboard the Lu-Lu Belle gave me to photograph and then after to record on paper the memories of a very special day. There are many companies that pay writers to write copy that will entice customers.
None of the foregoing copy was solicited or paid for by the good folks that run the Lu-Lu Belle rather it is my gift to them that hopefully they can use to entice others to share the enjoyment and the blessing we experienced while on their glacier/wildlife cruise and their Sunday church service.
Thanks guys. You do a great job!!
Harley and Marilyn
Grant, MI

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"The Lu Lu Belle seems built for a friendly intimacy.  Going on a cruise with Captain Fred is like coming into the home of a story teller who connects one with the animals and natural beauty of Prince William Sound ." Peter's diary

"What a special cruise you've given us. You gave us more than our money's worth in stories along the way to make our voyage memorable!"

"... my son had the privilege of going out on your vessel, the Lu-Lu Belle. He was overjoyed with the experience, as he does love being on the water. I am an old Valdezan, and used to commercial fish in the Sound, it does my heart good that my son is enjoying the Sound as I did and still do."

"We just wanted to thank you all for such a great trip we had with you on August 7. We had been planning our three week vacation to Alaska and the Yukon for over a year not knowing if all would turn out as we might hope. We were not, on any day disappointed! Your spirit of sharing your love of Valdez and the surrounding country on the beautiful Lu-Lu Belle was what made the entire day! It is very apparent that Fred and the entire staff/crew love what they do. From seeing Puffins to a Minke whale to the "liquid Sunshine" we enjoyed our cruise with you and the Lu-Lu Belle and we will do it again!"

"... you and your 'First Mates' made visiting Alaska even more enjoyable. Lu-Lu Belle is gorgeous and you indeed have a right to be proud of her. Your knowledge and narration regarding Prince William Sound and the surrounding area was outstanding."

"... [We] had such a wonderful relaxing and educational day; it will hard to top this summer."


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